Thiruvalluvar University 1st Year Tamil Question Papers PDF Download

Thiruvalluvar University Tamil Question Papers for First Year are provided to Students to make them practiced for upcoming 1st,2nd,3rd,4th Semester Examinations. These links of Thiruvalluvar University 1st Year Tamil Question Papers are given as PDF below.

About Thiruvalluvar University

Thiruvalluvar University, Vellore, Tamilnadu is a State University Established in 2002 by Government of Tamilnadu.Named after the Tamil poet and sage Thiruvalluvar, the university is spread over the area of 112 acres at Serkkadu near Vallimalai about 16 km from the Vellore city.

Thiruvalluvar University – Courses

Thiruvalluvar University offers various Graduation, Post Graduation, Ph.D. and Other Professional Courses in Tamil and English Medium. The Thiruvalluvar University has currently affiliated with 74 colleges in Tiruvannamalai, Vellore, Ranipet and Tirupattur Districts.

At present, the University has 10 departments such as – Tamil, English, Economics, Zoology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science, Commerce, Physics, Bio-Technology.

Thiruvalluvar University Question Papers Download

Every year thousands of Students attempting Examinations in four Semesters. This Article is for 1st Year Tamil Question Papers PDF Download for Previous Years. Students can Download from below links.

Download 1st Year 1st Semester Question Papers PDF

November 2012ULT-10Tamil
November 2013ULT-10Tamil
November 2013ULU 10Urdu
November 2013ULH 10Hindi
Nov 2014ULT 10Tamil I
Apr-May 2015ULT 10Tamil I
Apr-May 2016ULT 10Tamil I
Nov – Dec 2016ULT 10Tamil I
Apr-May 2017ULT 10Tamil I
Nov – Dec 2018BLT10Tamil I
Nov – Dec 2022FLT10Tamil I
Nov – Dec 2022FLH10Hindi I
Nov – Dec 2022FLU10Urdu I

Download 1st Year 2nd Semester Question Papers PDF

1. April 2013ULT-20Tamil
2. December 2013ULT -20Tamil
3. Apr-May 2015ULT 20Tamil II
4. Apr-May 2016ULT 20Tamil II
5. Nov-Dec 2016ULT 20Tamil II
6. Apr-May 2017ULT 20Tamil II
7. Apr – May 2018BLT 20Tamil II
8. Apr – May 2018ULT 20Tamil II
9. Apr – May 2018BLH 20Hindi II
10. Apr – May 2018BLU 20Urdu II
11. Apr – May 2018BLF 20French II
12. Nov-Dec 2018ULT20Tamil II
13. Nov – Dec 2018BLT20Tamil II
14. Nov – Dec 2021BLT20Tamil II
15. Apr – May 2022CLT20Tamil II

Download 1st Year 3rd Semester Question Papers PDF

November 2013ULT 30Tamil
November 2013UNT30ATamil
Nov 2014ULT 30Tamil III
Nov-Dec 2016ULT 30Tamil III
Nov-Dec 2016UNT 30ABasic Tamil
Apr-May 2017ULT 30Tamil III
Nov – Dec 2018SLT30Tamil III
Nov – Dec 2018BLT30Tamil III
Apr – May 2019BLT30Tamil III
Apr – May 2019ULT30
Apr – May 2019BNT30ABasic Tamil
Nov – Dec 2021CLT30Tamil III
Nov – Dec 2021CLH30Hindi III
Nov – Dec 2022CLT30Tamil III

Download 1st Year 4th Semester Question Papers PDF

April-May 2014ULT 40Tamil
Nov 2014ULT 40Tamil IV
Apr-May 2015ULT 40Tamil IV
Apr-May 2015UNT 40ABasic Tamil
Apr-May 2016ULT 40Tamil IV
Nov-Dec 2016UNT40ABasic Tamil
Apr-May 2017ULT 40Tamil
Apr-May 2017UNT 40ABasic Tamil
Apr / May 2018UNT40ABasci Tamil
Apr – May 2019BLT40Tamil IV
Apr – May 2019BNT40ABasic Tamil
Nov – Dec 2021BLT40Tamil IV
Apr – May 2022BLT40Tamil IV
Apr – May 2022CLT40Tamil IV
Nov – Dec 2022CLT40Tamil IV
We Timely update this Topic with new question papers. Students who are studying in Colleges with Thiruvalluvar University may follow this page for Updated Papers.

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